AXE.IO-AXE.IO v1.7.1 MOD APK (Dumb Enemy)

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The exciting game will give you new experiences in fairly fast-paced gameplay, and you need to adapt to be able to get used to this dramatic battle environment quickly. In the game, you can choose to fight online with other players or play with characters controlled by the game.


This is a roleplaying game, so you will become the knights possessing invincible power and fight those who dare stand in your way. AXE.IO is a memorable experience when it comes to unique and super attractive arenas. Starting in the game, you will be able to choose your character to be ready for the upcoming battles. The game will take you to a small arena where dangerous knights are located; this arena will not be too big, so collisions are prevalent, leading to you being overwhelmed if you are not proficient in skills.


One of the essential things for you to win every match is to use a weapon with significant damage to be able to take down every opponent. This is the time for you to prove yourself and start the journey to conquer new goals. Your opponents are not easy to deal with, so all the knights in the arena will equip themselves with axes and throw them at the enemies around you. However, you need to throw accurately, or else you will miss the opportunity, and the opponent will take advantage of the opening to attack you.


AXE.IO will provide you with different game modes so you can freely explore without worrying about boredom. If you want to practice and try first, the arena mode will be suitable for you, but in this game mode, you also need to focus on fighting to avoid any bad cases when being attacked by your opponent. In addition, the arena mode will be more complex and create more challenges for players to experience and fight with more than 50 enemies, and traps will appear more, so you need to be careful.


Action roleplaying game with exciting elements for players to participate in super exciting matches and face a series of dangerous challenges in the arenasStart the quest by playing the role of the knights and use your skills to become the strongest, choose your character, and start the equal battleEnjoy attractive graphics and attractive game modes, but you will have to face a series of challenges and traps and find ways to deal with new opponentsUsing the primary weapon is the ax to attack the opponent. You need to aim correctly, or you will miss the opportunity and be defeated; in addition, practice to make the operations more agile.Experience with different game modes without worrying about boredom, fight in large and small arenas to become the strongest knight