7 Sexy Sins-7 Sexy Sins v1.0.11 APK (Full Game)

7 Sexy Sins-7 Sexy Sins v1.0.11 APK (Full Game) title=

7 Sexy Sins


Battle against gorgeous monsters. Scratch their body to make them more vulnerable. In this game, you will take on the character of an angel who is the proprietor of a photobook filled with pictures of gorgeous beauties.

Discovering “The Demons of the Seven Sins” is the objective of your mission. Fight your way through waves upon waves of foes while dodging lethal gunshots in order to attain your objectives. Demons should get your holy penalties, and you should add a photo of their humiliating losses to your collection.

Once upon a time, while God was sitting around doing nothing and beginning to get bored, a heavenly messenger by the name of Raphael presented God with his banned photobook and invited him to go through it. The moment God discovered what is contained in the photobook, his perspective broadened, and he was no longer bored. A thought dawned on God at that same moment. The next assignment for Raphael is to add more photographs of seductive devils to his collection.