Smut Tales-Smut Tales v0.0.20.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Smut Tales

Smut Tales gives you stories with different genres that you can freely choose. You will easily find the genre you like and start learning the details of a particular story, meeting beautiful girls. At the same time, they all have secrets that anyone needs to discover and continue their journey to find out the excitement in the game’s story library.


When you enter Smut Tales, you will find a library full of different stories that you can choose from. You will see the illustrations and begin to make your own decisions about which story to experience first. At the same time, you are also impressed with the variety of stories this game can bring to you. It will undoubtedly take a long time for you to complete all that this game has.

You can also recognize the variety of genres and stories that this game offers. Specifically, the stories that appear before your eyes have a completely independent plot. So you need to choose the stories you like to start and enjoy the time with the beautiful girls you desire. There will always be problems that must be solved and create many challenges and possibilities for players to find.


The primary experience of the storytelling genre is that there will be many details appearing with the characters in Smut Tales. You will read this information and cannot ignore any factors because sometimes it will be the data to make a specific decision. At the same time, problems are always a surprise for you when you don’t know when to select. Each choice will bring a different path for the player.

Besides the interesting stories that gradually appear before your eyes, the choices are purely something that the player must overcome. It determines the continuation of the story plot and turns to different directions for players to experience. At the same time, players will carefully consider navigating the path that suits their interests, and there is a beautiful character waiting for them. There are impressive rewards that you get when completing a long journey.


It can be said that you can develop your feelings for the girls you desire in Smut Tales. Over time, information about them will gradually be revealed until anyone find out the final secret. That proves that you have won the hearts of these girls, and certainly, you will have the desire to conquer other girls in the game’s vast story world. The story number in this game is never fixed.

The stories library is around many different genres, from romance to horror. The greatness does not stop there when you can ultimately find new stories that are constantly updated and open up the journey to meet new beautiful girls with many possibilities.

The journey into the worlds of different stories completely engages players with:

You will easily find a library of diverse genres that you will spend time choosing and learning the fascinating details.Problems always appear unexpectedly, and players are forced to solve them as their wish to make progress in the game.Each story has a different plot and has many possibilities that the players can go to and the beautiful girls they can meet.The secrets of the girls with whom you fully interact will be revealed as you develop the relationship to its fullest extent.An extensive library where you can spend time will always transform as new stories emerge and continue to engage you.